About us

Our Back Ground

The Phenomenal growth of contemporary technology and hi-tech applications during the recent past has created a dearth of qualified and trained personal having the required level of competence. This problem has been discussed at various forums and the fact that there are serious inadequacies in the present arrangements in qualitative terms has been taken note of All the same, there had not been any serious attempt to alleviate the problem by institutionalising the whole concept, devoid of the rigid frame-work associated with a typical government institution. Though there are desirable checks and balances built in to any governmental system, often they fail to keep pace with emerging requirements and as a consequence, hamper the development of frontier areas in emerging technologies


Our Growth

Starting in 1987, with the institutional centre at Thiruvananthapuram and Model polytechnics in 1988 at Vadakara, IHRD has grown within a short period into a network of more than 92 institutions. In addition to regular courses of study in accadamic establishments, IHRD also runs short and long term employment oriented and continuing education programmes.